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Our small family business is both fully licensed and insured with the state of Oregon. Bill Ruhl Jr., owner and founder, has a lifetime of experience working with bees. When you work with us, we'll identify your problem without using too many technical terms. We provide FREE estimates!

Honey Bees

Common places you find honey bees are in hollow trees, chimneys, and walls of houses or buildings. Once angered they can be extremely dangerous or deadly that's why you should trust the professionals at Bee Control Northwest Inc to handle the problem.
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Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees
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There are several species of bumble bees and some of them are really aggressive. That's why it's important to have professionals by your side for all your bumble bee extermination needs.
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Solitary Bees

There are hundreds of different species of solitary bees. These bees are beneficial to have around but if you're planning to remove them, let the professionals handle it. Turn to Bee Control Northwest Inc for all your bee extermination needs.
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Solitary Bees

Yellow Jackets

When yellow jacket queens first start their nest in the spring, they are quite small and towards the fall their nests can be very large. Rely on the professionals to deal with the yellow jackets because they can get very aggressive.
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There are about twelve different species of yellow jackets in the Portland Metro area. Some are called hornets. Their nests visibly hang in the air on a bush, tree, or under the eaves of your house. Call Bee Control Northwest Inc to have us handle all your hornet issues.
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Solitary Bees
In the Northwest, we have several species of paper wasps and mud wasps, or mud daubers. Most are black and yellow, but some mud wasps are black with a metallic blue tint to them. Paper wasps make small nests out of wood fibers and are commonly found under the eaves or in the attic of houses and buildings. Call Bee Control Northwest to solve all your Wasp problems.

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