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Honey bees don't build a "nest" as such. They use a hollow cavity to stretch honeycomb across. Common places you find them are in hollow trees, chimneys, and walls of houses or buildings.
Honey bees are also the only bees that technically swarm. Swarming occurs when the colony is overcrowded. The queen raises another queen to take over the colony and then she leaves with ten thousand or more bees to start another (this is a very brief and loose description of what happens, but we think it will give you the basic idea). While looking for another place to build, the swarm will land on a branch of a tree, bush, or something similar, clump up on top of each other, and then send out scout bees to look for a hollow cavity to move into. 

When honey bees are swarming, they are very gentle until you start messing with them (e.g. kids with a hose). Once angered they can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. They should be left for a professional to deal with. If you have a swarm of honey bees, give us a call and we'll try to put you in touch with a beekeeper who can come out, put the bees in a hive box, and take them away alive (usually for free). We provide 24/7 emergency service.
Unfortunately, once honey bees have moved into a wall of a house, about the only thing to do is exterminate them. The beekeepers we know don't find it economically viable to remove them from such a place. The likelihood of getting the queen out of there alive is questionable, not to mention the expense of tearing a wall apart and rebuilding it.
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